Ideas. We all have them.

Some turn into highly profitable winners quickly…

Others sit around in our brains doing nothing for months (and even some times years) on end.

A GREAT idea will change the lives of many people and one of the great side effects of making life easier for others is you getting paid handsomely.

Everything we have today started with a concept. It was a vision. Nothing more, nothing less.

On its own, it can NOT create any kind of success. It can do a lot of things but you’re out there taking real action, ideas are about as real as that weird dream you had a few weeks ago.

ACTION is what moves ideas into the money making phase and as everyone I know (myself included) could always be doing that little bit more (or a lot more in some cases) here’s how you can get more done with confidence and become “one of those guys” that came out of nowhere to become a massive success story.


In a few of my sales letters I’ll use something like this towards the end.
“Remember: Days turn into weeks… Weeks turn into months… Months turn into years… If you don’t take action now, you probably never will and you’ll be left with (insert bad ending here)”.

It’s something we can all relate too.

Businesses that take forever and a day to materialize. Fitness regimes that are always starting on Monday. Investments we feel we should make but never do. The list could go on and on.

When you have an idea. Run with it. There’s a million reasons why “starting next week” might be more convenient but when you get started ASAP you’ll start to gain MOMENTUM and when that kicks in you’ll get even more done.

Getting shit done TO-DAY is massive for me as it encourages a “less think, more do” attitude which means I get into good spots rather than talking myself out of them.


What usually grinds action to a halt is fear and doubt. What if it doesn’t work? What if I lose buckets of money? Will I be viewed as a failure by I everyone I know?

These are all a natural response to stepping outside your comfort zone and deciding that YOU want to ZIG whilst everyone else ZAGS.

The great thing about crippling self doubt and the general insecurity that comes with taking risks is that it doesn’t hang around for very long.

Get the first 100 subscribers. Get that first sale. Get your first client.

I’m always a bit edgy until I see stuff working but the second my project shows that people are interested enough to buy it my confidence sky rockets.

And you know, the more action I take, the faster I get stuff done, the less time I have to spend in the uncertain/edgy phase so if you’re scared shitless, the easiest way fix is to do stuff that’s going to get you results ASAP.


I don’t spend a lot of time on Reddit anymore because it’s not massively productive but there was a great post on there a few days ago that went a little bit like this.

Motivation is overrated. It doesn’t last forever, it comes and goes, usually pretty quickly so it’s much better to get into the habit of getting stuff done when you don’t want to do it than it is to rely on getting yourself motivated.

If you only get stuff done when “you feel like it”, you’re not going to get very far in life.

Tired? Not feeling it? Something on TV?

Just work away anyway.

I’m all for working smarter instead of harder but that still involves getting stuff done.

#4 – TODAY

A lot of the projects I’ve talked myself out of getting started with in the past have usually been because I’m thinking way, way down the line.

I start thinking about what the to-do list to get this product out there will look like over the next 6 months and suddenly I’m overwhelming myself before I even start.

It’s stupid because if everyone thought about what they’d actually have to get done to get to where they want to be nobody would have ever done anything.

Instead, now, I just take it one day at a time.

For every business I run I simply look at what I can do today to make money.

If the venture is in its early days, I’ll think about what I can do today so it might make money tomorrow.

What you eventually end up with is businesses that are making sales today and ones that are moving closer to being profitable every day.

Rinse and repeat this every day and you’ll quickly move closer to the outcome you desire.

#5 – ONA

“ONA” stands for “One Next Action”.

I picked this up from the book “The 12 Week Year” and I think it’s a great way to beat procrastination because it’s simple as hell.

You have one BIG objective. Let’s say you want to do $100,000 in sales this month.

Well, what’s the “ONA” you can take to get it there?

Send 1 email to a potential JV? Write the headline for the ad? Create the 3 minute intro video for your new product? Call 1 agency and make your pitch?

When you break your one next action’s down into small, easy to do chunks it’s ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE not to get started as you’re setting yourself a ridiculously easy goal that’s going to take 10 – 15 mins tops.

Procrastination hits you hard when you start thinking about sitting down for hours to do a mountain of tasks but one little 10 minute job?

Hell yeah, I’ll get that out the way.

And from there, momentum starts to kick in and before you know it, you can go to bed feeling great because you’ve got loads done instead of guilty because another opportunity to move forward has been missed.

Anyway, I appreciate you procrastinating on Facebook to read this but now go away and get something done…


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