Brad Pitt. Morgan Freeman. Kevin Spacey.

These guys all know a thing or two about success and today I want to talk about how I use the “core” of their 1995 movie Se7en to create offers and marketing messages that sell.

When I construct my marketing material, I LOVE using all (or at least some) of the 7 deadly sins to demand attention and increase my sales.

I’ve used this to sell everything from $99 digital products to $5k+ consulting deals so I know when you use this in your business you’re going to see a massive increase of customers/clients quickly.

So… Here’s how you can use the 7 deadly sins to explode your sales this week…

Lust is your audiences DEEPEST DESIRE. People don’t buy because your features/benefits are awesome (though that obviously helps). They buy because they want to satisfy that deep, burning desire within them.

Does a prospect want to lose weight so they can see a smaller number on the scales OR do they want to lose weight so they feel attractive when they see themselves in Facebook photos instead of embarrassed?

Do you want to be a successful marketer just so you can live in a swish house and drive a nice car or do you want to silence the doubters that spend all their lives in a desk job?

When you understand the deep desire, you’ll appeal to the LUST sin and you’ll have people frothing at the mouth to give you their money.

In most niches, having MORE than you need has red hot, sizzling appeal.
Drive a tsunami of traffic to your website today. Get so many hungry leads you’re forced to turn business away. Book more appointments this week than you have in the last 12 months.

These are all examples of how prospects can be hooked by appealing to GLUTTONY.

“Too much” success probably isn’t enough for your market.

This is where you want to make the decision to buy from you a heroic, noble act.

A lot of the time, people won’t buy JUST for them. They need to justify the decision by doing it for someone else and that’s why you see a lot of this kind of copy:

“Imagine having an extra 20-30 hours a week to spend with your family”

“The look on your husband’s face when he sees you in 6 weeks time, 30 lbs slimmer!”

“Your boss will wonder why the rest of the workforce can’t close sales like you!”

When people are convinced that buying what you have will make themselves and the others around them proud they’re almost going to sell themselves on the idea.

Wrath is better used in some niches than others. In simple, marketing terms it’s appealing to a prospect who wants to “get one up” on the system.

Look at all the “guru bashing” that goes on. It’s died down a bit now but a few years ago in every niche the headlines would be something like “The Secret The (INSERT NICHE HERE) Experts Don’t Want You To Know”.

People are pretty much always tired of “the system” that works against them so if you can use this in your marketing then do.

If you can create a “villain” in your story then you’ll usually see a spike in conversions.

There’s a reason why you still see a lot of “Fuck The Pharmaceuticals” and “Damn The Health Specialists Keeping You Fat” kind of ads — They WORK because the good guys Vs bad guys story is something we’re all very familiar with.

Envy/admiration — It’s something anyone who currently isn’t where they want to be is going to crave so using it in your marketing/copy can have a massive influence on your prospects.

It works in a similar way to pride in the sense the justification comes from making the decision with someone else in mind.

However in the case of envy, the motivation is usually to get a certain result to tick off someone we don’t really like.

As entrepreneurs, we’ve all experienced ventures that failed and probably got a good talking too by someone who is moderately successful in the 9-5 world about giving up our dreams.

And when we do get back on track and start seeing the $20k, $30k payments roll in it’s always satisfying to remind Uncle Dave who’s never made that kind of money in his life how sound his advice was.

In every niche, there’s always negative people in the prospects ear acknowledging this and assuring them that they can be so successful/happy/satisfied with their business/body/social life/wealth/software that others will envy them will really help move the needle.

Greed is similar to gluttony in the sense you’re going to be appealing to someone wanting more than they actually need but there is a difference.

Greed is an intense, selfish desire. It’s what we want for ourselves and nobody else.

“Our software will save you so much money on paid traffic you’ll finally be able to afford that extra employee you need to scale…”

“When your income triples, you can finally buy the car of your dreams — It’s only a couple of months wages after all…”

“When you walk into a bar for the first time in your new, slim frame, you’ll quickly get tired of telling guys you have a boyfriend…”

This is all SUPERFICIAL stuff but your audience wants to hear about these little perks of what life will be like once they’ve been through the transformation your product/service delivers.


Fast. Easy. Effortless. Done For You. Simple.
These are words that appeal to our lazy side as like everyone else we don’t want to think something is going to be ridiculously hard/difficult/slow.
Now, we all know that getting results in ANY niche is likely to involve time and effort so when you use these words don’t use them disingenuously.

Instead, use them in a way that offers even more credibility to your claims.

“XYZ makes weight loss as easy as it gets!”
“XYZ is the fastest route to getting red hot leads reaching out to you!”
“XYZ is so simple to use that anyone who’s installed WordPress can be rockin’ in 5 mins”


Sell them what they WANT, Give them what they NEED.


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