Hi, I’m Afra Sanjari…

Whilst I could needlessly tell you about my life in California and my love of the ocean I’m not the kind of guy that wants to bore you senseless so how about I tell you about a few things that are of genuine interest to you instead?

Back in the day I used to work with some of the biggest companies in the US (and maybe even in the world) like Cushman & Wakefield, CB Richard Ellis (CBRE), famous record labels like Universal and Def Jam, a few movie studios, Audi, Acura and dozens of local businesses.

To cut a long story short, I owned a very successful design and marketing agency, made some of the most cutting edge websites for the likes of the Black Eyed Peas (never got to meet Will.i.am though) and eventually sold the business for a pretty penny.

I’ll be honest - the money was great but the work/life balance was not.

I wanted to do work that I was truly passionate about and more importantly, work that allowed me to get away from the office and live my life.

That meant adapting my mindset, learning a whole new skill set and executing it with the precision of a marksman.

I had to find out how to drive heavy, consistent traffic online. I’d been stuck using “old fashioned” marketing far too long. I wanted to know what was working and what wasn’t. I wanted to be able to scale with ease. I wanted lead generation to be the least of my worries.

I then had to convert that traffic into prospects and those prospects into sales. That meant understanding my market on a deeper level and empathizing with them on a level my competition could only ever dream about.

I’d use methods that nobody else was really thinking about. I’d hang out where my prospects did, I’d ask them exactly what they were looking for and I’d tailor all my marketing material around this in-depth information most businesses never even look for.

The result?

My marketing message fits my audience like a glove.

I’d then use this to not only drive leads but build communities.

The communities would do a lot of the hard work for me. My prospects would engage with each other, they’d share their problems (which allowed me to turn even more prospects into customers) and a lot of the time they’d sell my products for me.

I’d pop my head in every now and again but generally speaking, the authority and credibility I’d harnessed from being the “leader of the pack” turned many, many non-buyers into customers for life which rocketed the lifetime value of my customers/clients.

So… Let me give you one example of how I did this with one of my own businesses…

The National Association of College Experts is one of my favorite case-studies as I took a traditionally local offline business and brought it online so I could sell nationwide.

The cost of college in the US is enormous to the average family. Education puts a huge financial strain on families and I wanted to make sure parents had what they needed to pay as little as possible for their children’s education and avoid enormous student debt.

I started by building a small community of parents who were starting to think about how they were going to pay for college…

I offered advice… Shared useful articles with them… And eventually sold them on a high ticket offer that resulted in a tiny number of people generating five-figures a month in sales.

From there I wanted to grow the community and get the information into the hands of even more parents so I developed The Debt Free College Program - a video course that’s affordable to everyone.

I use paid traffic to automate leads… I use a sales funnel to sell the product on auto-pilot… And the product itself is digital so when someone buys, the product even delivers itself.

Our community is continually growing, as our sales. I’ve even partnered with some of the biggest websites in the college/university market and they too will drive traffic and sales on autopilot.

And the best part? I’m now helping thousands of parents pay less for college every year and turning many of those into customers that buy again and again.

With this winning formula in the palm of my hand I have the freedom to work as and when I want in a tasty variety of different ways.

I can scale up my current traffic… Develop stronger back-end offers to increase lifetime value of every buyer that comes through my virtual doors… Optimize for even better conversions… Or I can start a new project, in a new market and nail it down.

Or I can take on a handful of private clients and pull them away from ungodly hours in the office and the “survival mode” mindset that keeps them from doing the numbers they deserve and more importantly, live the life they deserve.


If you’re working too much… Getting a load of earache because you’re never home… Feeling like your business is involved in some kind of “Groundhog Day” (That means doing the same thing over and over again for those of you that missed this Bill Murray movie)… Neglecting the “original vision” you had for your business…

I want to help you.

And to start, I want to do that before any money changes hands.

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