Do you ever wonder whether all your hard work is really worth it?

Did you work hard to chase around buyers, work most weekends and still have months where the commissions barely cover your expenses?

When you first made the bold decision to go out there and work for yourself did you ever think you’d still be struggling to attract the premium paying clients you deserve this far into your career?

Living paycheck to paycheck when you don’t actually know when the next paycheck is coming is stressful for anyone…

And of course it’s not just about the money.

Your family are provided for but does your current workload allow you to give them what they really need and want?

These are never easy questions to answer but they’re the ones that separate those who grind out a living in real estate without ever consistently getting the clients they want and those who continue to see explosive growth as their commissions get bigger and the amount of time they work lowers.

Think of it like this…

Do you make the difficult decision to acknowledge the shortcomings in your business so you can truly live the life you envisioned when you started out…

OR do you bury your head in the sand because you’ve “got it good” compared to some people on your Facebook newsfeed and continue to make life harder than it needs to be?

Today, I don’t want you to compare yourself to them. The people that continue to work hard to build someone else’s income aren’t who you should be comparing yourself too.

Think about the dominant realtors in your area. 

The ones that seemingly have it all figured out. The ones that can’t remember the last time they had a bad month. The ones that have clients practically begging them to sell their homes.

These guys stopped trading their time for money a long time ago.

They decided their time in the inconsistent, frustrating and (often) humbling world of servitude was UP…

And made a shift that led them to more income and a lot less work.

How do they do it?

Well, it’s not luck.

Over the course of one day, luck can account for 99% of someones success.

Over the course of 5, 10, 20 years? Luck barely comes into it.

It comes down to a shift that you can make TODAY and FOUR things that any realtor can do to attract better leads and consistently land premium commissions all year round.


Let’s talk about the first of those four things and how all this applies to YOU.



A Volkswagen will set you back about $25,000. A Rolls Royce will cost you about $250,000.

In many ways they’re the same. They’re cars, they get you from A to B and they’re purchases that would excite a buyer of either brand BUT…

A Rolls Royce is 10x the price and they’re both aimed at very different people.

The Volkswagen buyer is probably making around $40,000 a year. They need a car that’s reliable, economical and easy to maintain.

Of course if it’s stylish and their friends like it, that’s great but that’s not really what influences their buying decision.

They’re looking for an affordable car. These buyers are shopping on price.

The Rolls Royce buyer? He couldn’t care less about the price, how economical the car is or whether it’s easy to maintain.

They won’t be using the car to commute to work.

It will serve as a symbol of their success and a talking point among similarly successful friends. It’s not just a car, it’s a STATEMENT.

And it’s a statement that costs TEN times the amount a Volkswagen does but it’s arguably an easier sell.

When the Rolls Royce buyer walks into the dealership, he’s not going to be asking the salesman whether he “can do anything on the price” because it’s a little outside his budget.

This is a prospect with cash to spend. He knows it ain’t going to be cheap. He knows that he’s dealing with the best. In fact, he’ll probably be delighted just to get on the waiting list for one of these cars as this dealership doesn’t sell to just anyone.

The Volkswagen prospect however? They’ll probably be asking the salesmen all sorts. They’ll be comparing the Volkswagen against every other affordable car in the market, wanting discounts, payment plans and the rest.

The salesman really has to sell himself to get the business and more often than not, even if he works over time to make the sale the prospects will still end up buying elsewhere.

You can’t attract the kind of clients your hard work deserves and you can’t stop trading your time for money until prospects come to you for your prestige. Period.

To do that, you need…



That starts with understanding the BIGGEST problem your ideal clients face.

If that’s families selling because they’re upsizing, what keeps them awake at night when they think about moving home? What concerns can you immediately address so they feel you really understand what they need? What can you do to instantly make their lives better? 

If your ideal clients are looking for a quick sale then their concerns will be very different. Same can be said for if your ideal clients are millionaires trying to sell their vacation homes.

When you try to be all things to all people you actually dilute your ability to generate business (and of course, bigger commissions) as while many people may consider you to be their realtor, few will actually end up signing on the dotted line.

Don’t be afraid to specialise and speak directly to WHO you want as clients. That’s GOOD marketing.

The vague, aimed at nobody in particular message that a lot of realtors go with isn’t going to cut it if you want to see version 2.0 of your business firing on all cylinders.

Combine this with crucial step #3 and you’ll see a quick, dramatic increase in business. guarantee it.

Prospects that would have toddled off to your competition before will now be your clients and here’s why:



It kind of works in a similar way to my friends Labrador…

Occasionally when I visit she’ll get excited, boisterous, she’ll start running around the house.  If I chase her she will continue to run in the other direction.

However, if I do something different and run in the opposite direction guess what happens?

She’ll start chasing me.

Clients do this too.

Chase them and they’ll run in the other direction. They’ll view you as a commodity. You’re not really presenting yourself as someone that exactly what they need and you’ll get lost in the the crowd.

Demonstrate your expertise. Bridge the gap by talking about their concerns and presenting solutions and you’ll have turned the tables. They’ll now be chasing you.

Your prospects honestly don’t care what you’ve done before. Your track record is irrelevant.

Experts build their reputations by talking about how they help people move forward, your past has nothing to do with it.


Time for what is arguably the most important part of all this…



Nearly every realtor that wants to grow their income wants more leads.

They’re either struggling to consistently pull in the money they want every month and think more leads are the answer or they’re overwhelmed with work and think better leads are the answer.

There’s definitely an element of truth to this but for a lot of realtors even if the leads came flooding in they wouldn’t be that much better off.

Sure, they’d land a couple of premium paying clients eventually and life would become a ittle easier but they’d quickly hit a “ceiling” in terms of income because hours in the day eventually run out and soon you’re suffering from burnout and overwhelm.

Your income may be better but your freedom? That’s disappeared. 

If you have money left over at the end of the month and your partner says “we’ve not spent any quality time together, I barely ever see you because you’re always working and it’s been ages since we had a vacation so let’s go away for two weeks!” can you do it?

Can you drop everything to take a measly two weeks to do what really matters in life or would you be worrying and feeliing guilty about taking the time off?

This is the REAL test.

Until you effortlessly balance having a great income and a great life at home you don’t really have a business — You have the problems of a business owner and the work week of an employee.

This may seem like a good deal to you sometimes when you think back to what it was like to work hard to build someone else’s dream but I’m sure it’s not why you took risks and continue to tackle all the different challenges being self-employed comes with.

Just like that massive shift you made back then to go from employee to business owner you need to make another one now.

Start getting paid for your expertise instead of your time!

WHY be a “run around” realtor when you can be hotly in-demand because of your reputation?

The END RESULT is all that matters. How much you work should have nothing to do with how much you earn.

If the end result you want is to double your commissions without doubling your stress because you simply don’t want to be kept away from the things you love just to keep on “ticking over” any more then I’d like to invite you to book a call with me.

Here’s the BIG scary sales pitch…

If you’re established in your area, already earning a good income from real estate and can genuinely deliver the excellent service premium paying clients deserve then I want you to tell me a little bit about who you are and what you’re currently doing in real estate so I can understand where you’re at and where you need to be.

Knowing this has allowed me to help realtors like yourself go from very little in the way of listings to doing tens of millions of dollars in a very short space of time so be sure to complete the application form here:

Do that now and we’ll discuss how you’re going to get the results your hard work deserves AND start landing your ideal clients fast on the phone very shortly.

Best Wishes,

Afra Sanjari