If so, then let me show you what works for me…


1) Effortlessly Speak Directly To Your Client’s Deepest Desires


“My clients are literally waking up at night because of the pain that they need me to solve and yet I’m struggling to sell to them”

Throughout history and even more so today, to do business in our world, what is the one thing you need? The one thing you absolutely, positively cannot do without?

All business (past and present) can be boiled down to ONE single thing.


First, I’ll start with one of the more significant discoveries I’ve made whilst working on my own offers as well as clients:

Regardless of:

  • What their business is about…
  • How beginner or advanced in business experience they might be…
  • What business model or strategy they’re following…

… the single BIGGEST sticking point is the actual SELLING.

One of the simplest ways to start getting over that hump is to break down what’s going through a prospects mind as they’re being sold too.

Question 1: What are you trying to sell me?

Question 2: How much?

Question 3: Why should I believe you?

Question 4: What’s in it for me?

Addressing these core questions is a MUST and cannot be done with sizzle and glitter. You have to bring the substance, the steak.

I’ve never really been surprised by business owners struggles to sell. What has surprised me though is HOW they go about it.


2) The Two Parallel Strategies To Making a Sale


The first strategy to making a sale is what we’ll call “the strategy of persuasion” and this is where I think most people tend to focus their efforts.

I’m talking about stuff like:

  • The “ninja” copywriting strategies
  • The complex funnels
  • The social proof that swears the offer changed their life
  • The limited time offers
  • The super long sales letters with red and yellow highlighting
  • The immense (and disingenuously valued) bonus stacking
  • The sales videos that don’t have controls on them
  • The high-pressure phone calls from telemarketers

What all of these have in common is that they’re all about *persuading* and CONVINCING you to buy something… and in some cases, they move past persuasion and into the territory of manipulation.

There is ABSOLUTELY a place in your business for these kind of techniques (especially in markets where customer sophistication is low and they’re not constantly hammered by the same offers) BUT there is a better way and what I love about this is:

• Works even if you’ve been commanding small money for your expertise so far

• You can use it TODAY

• You’ll land happier, easier to work with clients

Sales “gurus” have called this many different things over the years but I’ll call it the “The Strategy of Attraction” because that sounds sexy enough.

You’ve probably been on the end of this yourself at one time or another (not nearly as many times as you’ve seen the persuasion BS though) and it happens when you see an offer and immediately you just know you want it/need it.

Rather than having to be convinced about WHY it would be good for you, you’re already thinking about the benefits, the results you’re going to get and how you’re going to pay for it.

When you do pay for it, you feel that some kind of burden has been lifted (even if the actual results are still weeks/months away!) and you can’t wait to get started.

These kind of offers are rare… The ones that make grown men and women feel like kids waking up on Christmas morning don’t come around too often but when YOU have one you can attract your ideal clients (almost endlessly).

(And you’ll make them feel like a kid on Xmas morning!)


3) Combining Attraction + Persuasion


We all wish clients would come to us, practically falling over themselves to part with their money and this happens when you combine attraction with a little bit of persuasion.

You need BOTH. You have to apply both of them to some degree because it’s very hard to successfully sell anything without a couple of things.

Obviously you’re never going to persuade or manipulate someone into buying something they have no attraction too even if you’re really persuasive. Never going to happen.

And even if the attraction is strong, you’re still going to need to give them a reason to act today instead of tomorrow/weeks/months from now.

Generally, the stronger you are with one, the less you need of the other.

But how do you attract the right people to your offers so powerfully, that persuasion becomes irrelevant?

It’s a lot harder to make the strategy of persuasion irrelevant, than it is to make the strategy of attraction irrelevant.

By that, I mean that we all know how to use persuasion (at least in theory) because we see these tactics being used on us all of the time…

The scarcity plays, the unbelievable social proof and all the rest of it.

When it comes to applying the strategy of attraction, we’re at a loss, for two reasons…

First of all, it’s just rare to witness the strategy of attraction in our every day lives as chances are if it’s done well we don’t even notice it happening.

Even when we DO notice a great example, it’s almost like there’s some “invisible magic” at play… and it’s very difficult to reverse-engineer what’s going on.

We conclude that some offers just have that “magic” and if ours don’t then that’s fine… It’s because we don’t have “XYZ” that so and so has and we figure maybe we’ll have it one day.

Here’s a little secret I discovered though…

When an offer’s attraction is powerful, it is NOT by accident.

The magnetic pull of attraction these “magic offers” have doesn’t just come from the huge reputation the creator has or necessarily that they offer a better service/product.

Whenever you feel the magnetic pull of attraction from one of those “magic offers”, it’s the result of a carefully crafted offer that understands you, the ideal client, a representation of the market on a deep level.

They’re capturing your imagination. Understanding your deepest desires. Zoning in like a marksman on your pain points.

When you can do this for your audience, you don’t need shit-hot copy or overly complicated funnels because clients will buy from you anyway.

All you need to do is give them EXACTLY what they’re looking for.

The question is, how do you do it?


4) The 3 Keys To Creating “Magic Offers”


This was a question I started thinking long and hard about some time ago, back when I didn’t have this “sales” thing figured out.

There are 3 elements we need to cover first. They are…

  1. A High ROI Offer
  2. A Criterion
  3. Believability

The High ROI Offer

I give you this—you give me that. A trade. A transaction. We both come up better off having done the deal. That’s an offer.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a business coach, financial planner, personal trainer — whatever. If you’re still “doing this and that” for your clients your business isn’t a business yet.

It seems pretty fundamentally obvious yet many entrepreneurs and businesses are not applying this basic business principle.

The further we stray from this core principle the more business we lose as we fail to offer the kind of clients we love to work with any real clarity on what we do.

The ROI from using you/your service should be crystal clear. The problem you’re solving for them should also be crystal clear.

In markets like B2B, ROI can be made pretty obvious. I can say that for every $5k you pay me you’ll get $XX,XXX back and everyone understands that.

In markets where money isn’t the obvious benefit then you still need to demonstrate ROI it will probably just be sold more on a “transformation” basis (more on that later).

Do NOT try to get higher ROI by reducing your price as a reduction is a damning indictment of the quality you offer AND when you sell to your ideal clients, price is rarely going to be the objection anyway.

The Criterion

Never in history have we had so much stimulus of messages competing for our attention. On our phones, TV, radio, street billboards, internet, email…

There’s so much shit competing for our attention nowadays that it’s hard to cut through that noise but if you can capture your client’s attention, make yourself truly unforgettable, and put your clients in a frame of mind that makes them want to buy what your selling on the spot then you’re at a serious advantage.

In a matter of seconds, your criterion can give you that advantage.

In short, it’s a statement that addresses as many of the following points as possible:

  • Here’s what we are selling.
  • Here’s how much it will cost.
  • Here’s what’s in it for you.
  • Here’s why you should trust us.

No matter what, your criterion must say: Here’s a great offer and here’s what’s in it for you.

I like to hit prospective clients in a particular way so again, here’s what’s worked for me over various channels (FB ads, email, cold email etc)


Be clear and concise and don’t leave anything for them to interpret or imagine.


People have enough going on in their lives and they don’t need more complexity being sold to them. Your criterion should be a simple statement that is easily comprehensible.

Time Constraint

We’re all usually pretty busy and probably in a hurry, so keep it short and sweet.


Your Criterion cuts right to the chase. No need to sell yourself. Simply layout the facts as they are and let the client decide for themselves. With a strong offer you don’t need a long-winded pitch. When you have a magnetic attraction offer, you’ve made the transition from hardcore selling to trusted friend offering something of desirable value. The prospective client either wants it or not. If they don’t, you just saved yourself and the client a lot of time by simply moving on to the next prospect.

The Believability

Would you like $100 for every dollar you can give me?

That’s one damn powerful Criterion. Wanna take me up on it?

Even if I was telling the truth, the skepticism within you would likely allow you to easily pass up the opportunity.

The more outlandish a claim you make, the more you have to do to prove it.

By speaking to their logical way of thinking, guide them from where they currently are to where they want to be and position yourself as the person who can help them achieve that in the shortest time possible.

When you move away from trying to sell prospects on why they should use you and instead craft your offers to attract them and then let them tell you how they’d like to be sold you can spike your sales in droves.

We recently reignited a “forgotten” business by more than 300% by just re-crafting our offer. A couple of days of thinking time and then a stronger offer for our audience resulted in going from a low 4 figure a month income to a residual 5 figure a month income which now converts well enough to rapidly scale.

Here’s how I crafted that offer and all the others I now work on.


5) The 5 Step Process For Crafting Irresistible Offers


The Offer Framework:

1) The Transformation

2) The Motivation

3) The Mechanism

4) The Proof

5) The Campaign

The first four are what I call “The Ingredients” – they’re the components of the message that you need to determine before executing.

The fifth (and final) step is The Campaign, which is where you assemble your ingredients to present your offer to your audience in way that ethically excites them to buy.

Let’s explore the Offer Creation Framework in a little more detail, starting with the first step…

The Transformation

The first step in the framework is the Transformation.

This is the core of what your offer will do for people who buy and make use of it, and it goes way beyond the features and benefits that most marketers talk about.

It’s about understanding – on a foundational level – what the most important difference is between the before picture and the after picture of your prospect’s life. This is the transformation and it’s ultimately why your customer is REALLY buying most of the time.

The Motivation

The Motivation is about understanding the deep psychosocial drivers that explain why that transformation really matters to your customer in the first place.

First of all, who are they doing it for? Sometimes, it is for themselves, other times it’s for their wife, their kids, their parents.

There are business people out there who want a Ferrari for themselves and there’s others who want to put their kids through college — Both would react differently to a marketing message that is ultimately about the same thing so the WHO is very important.

Once you have the WHO you can understand the WHY.

In the business world, there’s folks who want more money to appear more successful to their friends and there’s others who simply want to stop disappointing their wives because they’ve not had a day off since 2006.

Without understanding this, it doesn’t matter how compelling the transformation might be, you’ll be leaving it up to them to connect the dots between the transformation and the things that matter most to them.

Connect the dots however and you’re someone that truly understands their situation.

Right now, the transformation I’m teaching you about is the ability to create compelling and attractive offers that have clients arriving by the bucket load.

Your Motivation for reading this is that you know the product or service you’re offering is part of a higher purpose, and by making it more attractive to the right people, you’re working to make the world better for your customers, yourself and your family.

That’s what drives us as entrepreneurs and business owners – it’s not *just* about making lots of money (though of course that inevitably happens when you use the Offer Creation Framework!)

It comes down to creating a sustainable way of making the impact that you care about making… which is what business is really about.

So Transformation + Motivation and you’re close but in an era where everyone is crazy skeptical you’ll need the timeless…

Unique Mechanism

The third step in the Offer Craft Framework is the Mechanism.

This is about finding the “hook” that will give your audience the confidence that what you’re offering is doable because they can logically understand how you will deliver that outcome.

A lot of us have bought stuff in the past. It hasn’t worked. We’ve failed to get results for some reason or another. The “UM” or Mechanism is what gives us RENEWED confidence in what we’re doing.

Imagine if I just told you that by aligning what you’ve got, with what people want, you’d be able to sell more and that was the end of the story.

Why would you believe that I can actually deliver on that promised outcome?

The answer is that I’m introducing you to the concept of the Offer Creation Framework – that’s the Mechanism that you were lacking when you tried to figure this out in the past. 🙂

All right, so far we’ve covered three steps in the framework so far and right now your offer should look something like this:

If you can:

  • Present a GREAT transformation that your audience would love in their lives
  • Understand why they’re pushing themselves to take action
  • Create a unique mechanism that allows them to justify their buying decision

…well, you’ve got a pretty compelling case for why someone should take the leap and purchase from you already but all great offers also have:

The Proof

I like Todd Brunson’s take on this. I can’t remember his exact analogy but he often talks of presenting your offer in the same way a lawyer would to a jury.

Here’s my BIG claim… Here’s how I think it happened… PROOF/EVIDENCE…

In marketing that’s simply making your offer, telling them why it will work for them and then delivering outside proof in the form of testimonials, case studies, demos etc.

Andddddddd finally…

The Campaign

There’s a reason why we’re four fifths of the way through the framework without ever talking about the actual offer or how to present it.

Abraham Lincoln famously said that if he had six hours to chop down a tree, he’d spend the first four sharpening the axe.

That’s what this process is all about – as long as you don’t short-change the first four steps, the last one, where you actually map out the campaign that presents the offer to your audience is easy because you’ve already done all of the heavy lifting.

To create your campaign, there are two distinct steps to doing that effectively:

First, you need to help people see the need for something LIKE your offer.

The idea here is that before you ever present your offer, people should be sold on wanting and needing something like it.

We do this by crafting what I call the “demand narrative”, which is essentially the story that people are going to go through to bring them to a place where they’re ready to buy.

The demand narrative is the message that takes people from not knowing anything about your product to having a burning desire to purchase it.

Once they get to that point all that’s left to do is SELL.

You’ve built a good demand narrative, people are excited by the transformation, they’re motivated, they have renewed confidence in what they’re trying to achieve AND you’ve proved that you can deliver what you say you can.


I’ve done this with private clients in many niches, niches where everything has been done to death like B2B, real estate and finance. This worked like gangbusters.

Why? Simply because whatever niche you’re in — you’re speaking to the client directly and relating to their pain, frustrations and lack of ______.

By knowing where they are currently and where they want to be and positioning your offer as the ticket to get them there you can be in the most saturated and competitive market/niche and still do plenty of business.

This is how you scale fast. It’s how sales are DOUBLED and TRIPLED rapidly.

Your OFFER isn’t just “an” aspect of your business, it IS your business.


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