There’s A LOT of business owners out there doing $5k, $10k a month who are within TOUCHING DISTANCE of seeing a fast, dramatic change to their income but it will be months (if ever) before they pull the trigger and reach new heights.

They’re often busy, running from appointment to appointment, trading their time for money.

They’ve got to deal with their current clients. They require time and attention.

They’ve got to reach new prospects. The work can’t dry up. They can’t sleep easy and spend time with the family without feeling guilty until they know there’s more money coming in next month.

Sometimes they’re aware they’re close to achieving the income and lifestyle they desire because others are doing it right in front of their eyes.

It can be frustrating as hell when you see others quickly getting results. For a long time, I was always under the illusion that they knew something I didn’t.

“Where’s this magic bullet they’ve found?”

I had to have it.
I was happy to pay for it too.
$5k workshops. $10k masterminds. $15k VIP days.
I’ve bought all that stuff.

BUT the funny thing was I never saw those amounts coming back in until I realized that there was PRICELESS changes I could make to my business that were in a way, bleedin’ obvious but in another way, the secrets to online success.

I believe that anyone who revisits these 7 areas will rapidly see a lot more success as unlike a lot of things we get “sold on” doing — This can all be done by you with (a certain amount of) ease.

I’ll start with what I consider the most CRUCIAL aspect first…

NOTHING will kill off the original vision you had for your business faster than getting into the habit of trading a lot of your time for money – NOTHING.

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t shun the idea of taking a cushy job somewhere just so you could run around all hours working like a glorified employee so you NEED a leveraged business model and the two most successful models in the online world are:

1. SELL A PRODUCT/SERVICE/SOFTWARE THAT HAS NO “CEILING” (You should be able to sell 10, 100, 1000+ day of these kind of products without it ever really putting a drain on you)

2. WORKING WITH CLIENTS WHO PAY FOR YOUR EXPERTISE (At higher price points, you’ll have to offer some of your time but you decide how much of that you’re willing to trade)

If YOU are the “main asset” your business has and it would crumble if you were to say, get hit by a bus and need to take 3 months out you should look to revise how you operate.

When you’re trading yourself as a commodity — even your good days will be marred by the defeat of slow months, bad clients and deals that don’t go through.

When I look back at some of my earlier attempts to win business I realize that a lot of the time I’d be telling my prospects what I thought was great about what I did and not really that much about what they would think was great.

To put it another way, I didn’t take enough time to consider what problems the market was having and what it would mean to them to have a solution to that problem.

Ultimately, as entrepreneurs we’re here to solve problems.

That can be as simple as giving someone an easy avenue to buy a lawnmower so they can trim the damn lawn or as complicated as finding a massive corporation like Nike twenty new venues in the 3rd world for their next few sweat shops.

What solution to a problem can you offer your market TODAY that would have them ecstatic immediately after they’ve handed over their money and STILL feeling good about their choice months down the line?

You can be a showstopper when it comes to webinars. You can come from Hogwarts school of traffic & ad wizardry. You can persuade people with words like you’re the Wolf of Wall Street BUT the single biggest EDGE you will EVER have over your competition is:


The top marketers in the world don’t sit around chatting about ninja strategy this and b.s. gimmick that — they talk about MARKETS.

Why are they buying? Who are they buying for? How do they speak? What problems are they encountering all the time? What do they think about before they drift off to sleep?

What are their top daily frustrations? What’s tickin’ them off about other peoples marketing? Why do they tell themselves they’re buying? How do they explain the same purchase to their partner/friends?

You almost want to take on the “Daniel Day Lewis” approach when you’re compiling your customer avatar and by that I mean you want to BE THEM even if it is just for an hour or two.
(DDL didn’t break from being Abraham Lincoln for THREE months and has one a bucket load of Oscars with this approach)

I essentially want to KNOW what a week in their life is like before I ever try and sell them anything.

Small things that seem trivial can have a DRAMATIC impact on how you craft your offer and structure your entire marketing campaign because we buy from the people who we think GET what we’re trying to achieve and what’s involved in succeeding.

There are TWO great ways to develop this understanding in my opinion:

SURVEYS – Ideally, you want data that’s cold as Pluto (people who have never heard of you, bought from you, seen your offer before) because this is REAL information.

When you survey lists you already have or audiences that are familiar with what you do you’ll get some good information but it’s likely coming from prospects that are a lot more sophisticated than your actual target market (by that I mean they’ll already have a deep understanding of their problem and the various solutions to it).

So cold data is the way to go. Using the approach Ryan Levesque is famous for works great (The book is called “ASK”) but if you want to take a shortcut then reach out to magazines in your niche and ask them for the data they’ve accumulated.

Magazines and BIG websites have A LOT of survey information on hand as they use it to attract advertisers – they’ll give it to you for nothing if you ask them for it as someone interested in advertising your stuff with them.

There’s tons of books in any niche. Most of them have reviews attached to them and these are great for developing your avatar as you can see how your audience speaks.

A lot of the time (especially in the business world) people will even say “I bought this book because” and then they’ll tell you about the problems/challenges they’re facing.

When you’ve done a deep dive into your audience, you’ll have a couple of pages of precise notes on who your ideal customer/client is and that opens the door to doing great marketing even if you’re someone who doesn’t consider yourself a great marketer.

Offers generally fall into 3 categories:

1. Why the f%$# is someone bothering me with this stuff? (Almost everything on Black Friday)

2. I quite like the idea so maybe I’ll get it later (Most offers)

3. f%$#, where’s my wallet? (The 5% if that)

So 95% are crafting their offers wrong and a lot of that comes down to having a loose idea of who the ideal client is and what problem they ACTUALLY have.

But for it to be truly IRRESISTIBLE you also need to:

• Hammer home the OUTCOME/RESULT/TRANSFORMATION of buying from you.
• Satisfy the DEEP DESIRE of your audience
• The VALUE has to far exceed the COST

And in cases where you can back it up with solid guarantees and social proof you can do that to add icing to the cake.

What’s the amount of money you’re willing to work with someone for? At various points in your life that amount will have naturally shifted but if you have genuine expertise/help to offer people there’s nothing stopping you from making a shift NOW.

Price has (and always will be) the biggest indicator of QUALITY.

It brings credibility to what you offer and the only thing that really changes when you bump it is WHO you’re now looking to work with.

Remember: As long as the VALUE far exceeds the COST you can win business.

With an irresistible offer in place it now makes sense to go out and look for more exposure as until you have that — too many customers/clients are going to be slipping through the net.

But once you have it, of course MORE of the RIGHT kind of exposure is going to rocket your sales and as it’s not all about quantity, I want to share what works for me.

LINKEDIN – Speaking with 5-10 of my ideal clients after connecting on LinkedIn every week is more than enough to keep a steady flow of five-figure business coming in every month.

There’s plenty of great tools to automate outreach (I really like LinMail) so you don’t have to be on there all hours the day.

Set up a profile that’s going to peak the interest of people you want to work with and get networking — That’s what LinkedIn was made for.

COLD EMAIL – With the likes of QuickMail automating email outreach and VA’s affordably able to get targeted data cold email can provide amazing results for relatively little.

I can test offers to 3,500 prospects every week for less than $200 and fill my schedule just from this when it runs.

JV/GUEST BLOGGING – The joint venture route for traffic has always seemed the “scariest” to me which is why it’s taken me years to use it but after booking a couple of great JV’s in the last few weeks I’m starting to like it.

ALL website owners and ALL product creators need great content and great stuff to give their audience so if you have that then start reaching out and making deals that are win-win.

PAID TRAFFIC – It’s always the “last step” for me because until you have a solid offer and you’re speaking a language that converts ad dollars into revenue then you’re basically playing roulette with your money.

It’s easy to pump $1000+/day into ads once you know you have a winning formula of some kind but don’t make the fatal mistake of thinking you have a traffic problem when REALLY you have an offer/conversion problem.


If you’re anything like me then you’ll have had ideas in your head that still haven’t been executed for weeks, months and maybe even years.

We all have a degree of fear of failure but you’re going to have to brush that aside sooner or later if you want to scale to $10k, $25k, $50k+ a month.

If you take action, make it happen, there’s no guarantee it will work but I can guarantee that if you do nothing and let procrastination take over you’ll find yourself in a spot you don’t like months from now.

Which of the 7 steps is your strength? Where would you like to improve?


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