If you’re in the high-ticket world but haven’t yet consistently been able to pull in several ideal clients every month then you’re probably in one of these three groups.

  • Offering value for a low fee that involves trading your time for money
  • Already doing high-ticket but not doing enough of it as you would like
  • Have a solid business background that you know is worth big money and this is a new venture

Regardless of which one of those you are in, I want to share the things that have been key to myself and my clients quickly transforming and getting deals done.

And QUICKLY is the key word here…

There’s a lot of great internet business models out there but the nifty thing about high-ticket is you can be taking calls and closing deals in DAYS.


Here’s where I share how I did that for the last consultant I worked with.

Jake’s 25. Pretty smart guy.

He’d been travelling the world as a writer since he was 19. First as a content writer and then as a copywriter.

He’d gone from writing for 3 cents a word as an SEO writer to someone who could pull in $7-8k month working for bricks and mortar businesses BUT for that money he’d be seriously burnt out from writing.

His income was solely based on trading his time for money and with a stable of clients who saw him as nothing more than a glorified employee — he was growing tired of dealing with their shit.

The stress of juggling different writing clients in different time zones whilst he was working & travelling eventually got to him and he reached out.

He’d had enough of grinding away to not only fulfil the work but also finding new clients and trying to persuade them to use him instead of some cheaper, hack writer.




NO LEVERAGED BUSINESS MODEL – couldn’t possibly grow without overwhelm

NO “ONE” OFFER – he’d fix “this and that” for businesses but there was nothing exciting about it

NO IDEA WHAT HE COULD CHARGE – he figured what he was making was pretty good.

FIRST STEP was to address what he actually offered.

A lot of consultants charging lower fees are “jack of all trades”. They’ll offer help where it’s requested as opposed to where it’s NEEDED.

One of the main reasons you’re going to be paid well is because you’re telling your prospect what their exact problem is, how to fix it and how much it’s going to cost them to do it.

Your prospects don’t need several options. They need one BIG PROBLEM solved.

(Your back-end is always where you offer multiple choices)

Once you know what big problem you’re going to be solving you can then begin to POSITION yourself in a way that’s going to attract your ideal clients.

Jake knew that the kind of clients he worked with had a terrible time knowing what sort of content they actually needed and even more terrible time knowing how to use it effectively so giving them an easy way to know what they needed to email, add to their website, promote etc and when was what he wanted to do.

This niche had serious money in it too. Some of the services these guys sold went for well over $5k so we knew if we put together a great action plan for these guys they’d massively ROI.

It was a GREAT IDEA.

But his current client base saw him as “just a writer”. He was a commodity. Something they knew they could easily replace.

So before we breathed a word of doing something different to his client base we started working on his…




Here’s an analogy I really like:

A Volkswagen will set you back about $25,000.

A Rolls Royce will cost you about $250,000.

In many ways they’re the same.

They’re cars, they get you from A to B and they’re purchases that would excite a buyer of either brand BUT… A Rolls Royce is 10x the price and they’re both aimed at very different people.

The Volkswagen buyer is probably making around $40,000 a year. They need a car that’s reliable, economical and easy to maintain.

Of course if it’s reasonably cool and if their friends like it, that’s great but that’s not really what influences their buying decision.

They’re looking for an affordable car. These buyers are SHOPPING ON PRICE.

The Rolls Royce buyer? He couldn’t care less about the price, how economical the car is or whether it’s easy to maintain.

They won’t be using the car to commute to work.

It will serve as a symbol of their success and a talking point among similarly successful friends. It’s not just a car, it’s a STATEMENT.

And it’s a statement that costs TEN times the amount a Volkswagen does but it’s arguably an easier sell.

When the Rolls Royce buyer walks into the dealership, he’s not going to be asking the salesman whether he “can do anything on the price” because it’s a little outside his budget.

In fact… It’s more likely he’ll pay $50k over sticker price because he doesn’t want to hang around on a waiting list for 6 months.

This is a prospect with cash to spend. He/she knows it ain’t going to be cheap. He/she knows that he’s dealing with the best.

The Volkswagen prospect however? They’ll probably be asking the salesmen all sorts. They’ll be comparing the VW against every other affordable car on the market, wanting discounts, payment plans and the rest.

(We’ve all had clients like this!)

The salesman really has his work cut out to make this sale no matter how good at selling cars he is and that’s how it is for coaches and consultants who don’t POSITION themselves as the “Rolls Royce”.

You simply can’t attract the kind of clients your hard work deserves and you can’t stop trading your time for money until prospects come to you for your prestige. Period.

In Jake’s case… He was a VW…

But he needed to be a Rolls…

So here’s what we did.




STRONG POSITIONING in the high-ticket space comes down to 4 things:

  • NAILING your ideal client’s avatar
  • Creating HIGH-VALUE content
  • Having an IRRESISTIBLE offer
  • Your PRICE
  • Building your REPUTATION

In this case, the ideal client avatar could be put as simply as this…

Business owners in the health niche with high lifetime value of clients who invested heavily in their digital marketing.

(It would be much easier to sell this to people who were already paying copywriters/paying social media agencies/paying for ads etc)

The high value content in this case came in the form of emails and LinkedIn (more on that later) but as always, articles, videos and webinars would have worked fine too.

The irresistible offer was:

For Business Owners In The Health Niche…

Rapidly Increase Your Profit Per Patient With

The Effortless Email System.

(Jake had battled tirelessly to get these guys to use their vast email databases more efficiently for marketing purposes but it had largely fallen on deaf ears from what I can gather)

The outline for the 6 week program would ultimately get business owners in this space to stop throwing a ton of money away on marketing that didn’t really work and increase the lifetime value of each patient because they’d get a ton more repeat business.

For that reason, I insisted on the program being $6k.

Jake would have been happy charging half that as he was more about doing less grunt work than sky-rocketing his earnings but the $6k price point showed he meant business and added a lot more credibility to his claims than say, a $3k price point would have done.

Generally speaking, the more money you charge the more seriously you’re going to be taken (I certainly trust Frank Kern to double my business at $2k more than a $10 WSO that’s for sure).

So $6k it was…

The reputation aspect of the positioning was tricky because even though clients knew he delivered good stuff they knew him as someone that charged by the hour. In his existing clients minds at least, he was a writer and not a big fee consultant.

But everybody has to start somewhere so from that point forward EVERYTHING we did strategy wise was based around being someone who could “Rapidly Increase Profit Per Patient”.

We now had a client facing image online and were pretty much ready to sell.




The TWO awesome things about high-ticket are:

  • You don’t really need to invest HUGE amounts until you’re selling.
  • Naturally, it doesn’t DRAIN your time as that’s not why people are paying you.

So you have a self-sustaining, leveraged business model right out of the gate.

Close a couple of clients and you’ve got money to risk. Servicing those clients can always be done in a way that suits you. IDEAL.

In this example, the program didn’t require a massive time investment at all.

Initially, each client would get a one hour call that basically told them what they were throwing money away on and what they should invest in instead (email).

They were then given a very thorough blueprint of what to email, how frequently to email, when to email, what kind of subject lines worked, who to outsource too and what system they should use.

They’d then be invited back for a 30 minute consult every week as these guys don’t have a lot of time and given a smaller window, they’ll ask the questions that really matter.

And that’s it.

I think Jake spent a day or two creating the blueprint and then even if he had 5 clients come on board his total time commitment to those clients would be 2 and a half hours a week to close $30k in sales.

Pretty good for a 25 year old that spends most of his time travelling and surfing IF he could close the sales.




Understandably, Jake was pretty nervous.

He’d never had an issue invoicing $6k after writing 100 hours but now he was asking for $6k to do relatively little manually. He had to continue to shift his mindset.

He wasn’t a grinder anymore. He was now a rainmaker.

He wasn’t a mule endlessly trading his time for money. He was a magician who solved big problems.

With a small rolodex of maybe 25 prospects who (maybe) were a good fit for what he was doing (they were either clients or prospects that had never hired him) he started sending emails.

They started off friendly “hey, how’s it going?” here’s what I can do” and they got more and more aggressive sales wise as time went on.

He booked 8 strategy sessions… Sold one client at $6k.

Not bad but a little disappointing as these were warm-ish leads.

I wondered whether those prospects had a really difficult time getting past seeing him as a freelancer or whether he lacked the authority on the phone.

1 in 8 suggests there was room for improvement so the week before he started doing outreach again we worked on this:

  • Listen, Listen Listen
    Your prospects are going to give you A LOT of the information you need to close them, so every opportunity you have, let them speak.
  • Framing
    Don’t chase them, let them come to you. From the start, he had to set the tone to how the call will go.
  • Control The Conversation
    You need to let them see their current situation and how it’s affecting them, you need to have them see what they need to fix together so you can eventually present yourself as the solution and the person that’s going to help them turn things around.

With that approach, he went back out to book a few more appointments.

I’d been hammering the self-sustaining aspect of this into him so he was looking to book calls with a LinkedIn strategy that had worked for me in the past.

In short…

  • Have A Client Facing Profile
  • View/Connect With Your Ideal Clients
  • Get Talkin’

Two weeks later he’d booked another 7 calls.

This time TWO sales had come in.

He had now done $18k in 15 days.

More than double what he’d make in a good month of writing 100+ hours!

For the first time he had a business that was scaleable, enjoyable to run and delivering serious value and I had a success story from someone young enough to be my son.




NOW is always the best time to make the shift – Jake’s since said he wasn’t that miserable as a freelance copywriter but knew there was a smarter way to do it. He made the shift to high-ticket fairly impulsively and if he hadn’t, he’d probably still be doing a 100 hours of writing every month.

It IS mostly a mindset thing. In business there’s always a few humps you’ve got to get over but asking for substantially more money is one of the more difficult ones IMHO.

The niche within niche – Business owners in the health niches Jake targeted had very high lifetime value of their customers. If they believed Jake could bring more of them in and increase their repeat business it would be an absolute no-brainer at $6k or even $10k.

There’s people out there that will BUY FROM YOU THIS WEEK that aren’t hard to find – If you don’t have an existing client base to sell too then there are cheap ways liked LinkedIn to get good prospects on the phone and sell them.

YOUR POSITIONING is everything – If you get this right, you can sell high-ticket all day long. If you don’t get it right, you can’t.

PRICE will strengthen your claims – When you have genuine expertise to offer and you can solve something that people desperately need solving then charging more will bolster the belief that you can do that.

JUST ONE OFFER in a leveraged business model is all you need – Your clients will be happy because you’re telling them what they need. You’ll be happy because you’ll have money in your pocket and time to do stuff with it. Win-Win.


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